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Vultures’ Lane is the home of great beer in Auckland we have 21 always changing taps and over 100 bottles to keep everyone happy.

Why Vultures’ Lane ?

Well in the 1920′s Vulcan Lane was given the name Vultures as it was home to some of the most unsavoury characters in the city.

Streetwalkers were known to “patrol” the lane looking to entertain gentlemen, while bookmakers alongside other criminals roamed the lane and surrounding areas plying their trade.

Now days at Vultures’ Lane you may not always run into so many unsavoury guests, but there is always a character in the house, usually behind the bar.


Upcoming events

October 10th  Hopful Thinkers’ Aucktoberfest – Showcasing some of Aucklands best brewers & their creations, come down & be proud to be a JAFA!
October 31st  Halloween/ Day of the Dead Party! Costumes, Holiday inspired food & beers, maybe even a mariachi band? Get into the spirit & dress to impress! More updates to come…